Sub-Zero, real name Kuai Liang, is a major character within the Mortal Kombat franchise, half-descendant of an ancient ice-controlling race, half-loyal servant of a ruthless assassin clan. He is lifelong rivals and arch-enemies with fellow ninja, Scorpion, and is generally portrayed as hero among the Mortal Kombat games. Later on, in Mortal Kombat 9, he is temporarily automated as Cyber Sub-Zero, but he reverts back to his original form by the next game.


  • Physically peaked
  • Ninja-like acrobatics and precision
  • Mastery of Shotakan and Dragon
  • Teleportation (as Cyber Sub-Zero)
  • Cyromancer genes allow him to manipulate the air around him and flash-freeze it. This power grants him
    • Ice-Blast
    • Slide
    • Ground Ice
    • Ice Clone
    • Frozen Aura

Weapons and equipmentEdit

  • Kori Blade (long-shortsword)
  • Frost Hammer
  • Ice Bombs (as Cyber Sub-Zero)