Jason Todd

Jason Todd was once the loyal sidekick of Batman, Robin, but after being tortured to apparent death by The Joker, Todd somehow came back as a vengeful anti-hero/villain, with the training of Batman under his belt and the mind of a ruthless vigilante above his neck. His persona as a bitter anti-villain is either the Red Hood or the Arkham Knight.

Feats Edit

  • Training from Batman grants him mastery of multiple martial arts, genius-level intellect, and acrobatic capabilities beyond most athletes

Weapons and equipment Edit

  • Pair of automatic handguns that can combine into a powerful sniper-rifle
  • Grappling gun that serves as both as weapon and mode of transportation
  • Collection of flash-bangs for quick escapes or stuns
  • Bullet-proof vest underneath his jacket
  • Helmet has built-in explosive

Victories Edit

Losses Edit

  • Batman