Big Boss

Big Boss is the central character of the Metal Gear franchise, formerly being the young and idealistic FOX agent Naked Snake before being forced to put down his mentor, The Boss, and become the bitter but legendary MSF, Outer Heaven, and FOXHOUND founder Big Boss. He is also the template of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and Solidus Snake, effectively making him their father.


  • Co-founder of the legendary martial art CQC
  • Legendary infiltrator, soldier, and survivalist
  • Founder of The Patriots, Militaires Sans Frontières, Outer Heaven, FOXHOUND, and Zanzibar Land

Weapons and equipmentEdit

  • Silenced tranquilizer pistol
  • Cardboard Box
  • Combat knife
  • M16
  • The Patriot
  • RPG-7



  • Solid Snake